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Bills of interest to the Association pending in the 131th Ohio House of Representatives
Through December 31, 2016

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HB- 4 / Naloxone / Sprague
Furnishing or dispensing to a person at risk of overdose.

HB-6 / Statute of limitations / LaTourette
To extend the limitation in rape and sexual battery cases where DNA implicates the defendant.
OPAA: Support. 2/26/15 SB-13

HB-14 /Powdered alcohol / Gerberry
To prohibit sale for human consumption.
OPAA: No position 2/26/15

HB-16 / Imitation firearms / Reece
OPAA: Table for review by Dobson and COB. 2/26/15

HB-20 / Handgun licenses / Gonzales
Clarify authority of a licensee to possess a handgun in a school safety zone.
OPAA: Support 2/26/15

HB- 24 / Adult protective services / Dovilla
Mandatory reporting, probate court processes for protective orders, establish commission.

HB-30 / Car seats / Pelanda
Use of evidence of failure to secure child.
OPAA: Support 2/26/15

HB-35 / Firearms / Retherford
To prohibit seizure of a firearm lawfully possessed
OPAA: Oppose (see SB142)

HB-38/ Sentencing / Patmon
Specification for committing a felony against a disabled or elderly person.
OPAA: Support 2/26/15

HB-48 / Firearms / Maag
In vehicle, higher ed, school zones, airports, etc.
Same as HB231 (130th)?
OPAA: Oppose 2/26/15

HB-56 / Background check / Schuring
limit the use of criminal records in hiring public employees
OPAA: Group didn’t care to go through the entire hiring process just to find out the person was a convict.
OPAA: Oppose 3/26/15

HB-57 / Murder / Maag
Increases penalties for aggravated murder.
OPAA: Support 2/26/15; Support Gmoser amendment in March 13 letter. 3/26/15

HB-59 / Firearm specification / Cera
Ten year spec for use of firearm in committing felony.
OPAA: Oppose

HB-60 / Companion animals / Hall
Penalties, use of animal to secure opioids?
OPAA: Oppose 2/26/15

HB-63 / Rehoming / Pelanda
Mandated reports report to childrens services.
OPAA: Oppose as written. Overbroad. Modify along lines recommended by PCSAO. 3/26/15

HB-64 / Budget / Smith
OPAA: Oppose judicial release. 3/26/15

HB-75 / Firearm storage / Patmon
Require use of gun locks if child has access to arms.
OPAA: Oppose

HB-78 / Firearm transfers / Patmon
Require background check for private gun sales.

HB- 86 / Distracted driving / Grossman
OPAA: Oppose. 3/26/15

HB-88 / Driving communications / Sheehy
OPAA: Oppose as written. "In any manner" at line 135. 3/26/15 Revisited - Support with amendment to remove "in any manner" 5/21/15

HB-92 / Sexual battery / Hagan, C.
School employee sex with minor student.
OPAA: Support with 4 year age difference 3/26/15

HB-94 / Animal negligence / Barnes, J.
OPAA: Oppose. 3/26/15

HB-106 / Public indecency / Schaffer
OPAA: Support with amendment “for purpose of sexual gratification of the offender”. 3/26/15

HB- 110 / Failure to stop / Hill
Increases penalties for failure to stop when accident results in death or serious physical harm.
OPAA: Support.

HB-115 / Motorcycle road guards / Green
To create the motorcycle road guard certificate and training program to allow certified individuals to function as traffic controllers.

HB-117 / Abortion / Roegner
To prohibit abortion after 20 weeks.

HB-119 / Imitation firearms / Patmon
Ban the manufacture, sale, and public display of imitation firearms and the disguising of a firearm to make it resemble an imitation firearm
OPAA: Oppose. too broad, vague. Tough to enforce 2/18/16

HB-123 / Presentence investigations - alibi / Johnson
To change the time for notification of an alibi defense in a criminal case, to allow the court in a felony case to impose community control sanctions without a presentence investigation report upon agreement of the defendant and the prosecutor, and to request the Supreme Court to modify Criminal Rule 32.2 to allow the court in a felony case to impose community control sanctions without a presentence investigation report upon agreement of the defendant and the prosecutor.
OPAA: Oppose presentence report part. 1/29/15 Reconsidered 4/22/15. Support

HB-126 / Nuisance / Kunze
Any real property on which an offense is or has occurred.
OPAA: Oppose 4/22/15

HB-130 / Data Ohio Board / Hagan, C.
Public records online, uniform accounting system for public offices, online catalog of public data.

HB-134 / Blighted property foreclosures / Grossman

HB-135 / Abortion / Hall
Down syndrome

HB-144 / Meth lab remediation / Anielski
OPAA: No position, except don’t use forfeiture funds. SB-22 130th.

HB-147 / Concealed carry / Hood
No license required.
OPAA: Oppose. 4/22/15

HB-151 / Stalking / Anielski
Telecommunications harassment.
OPAA: Support. HB-74, 130th.

HB-152 / Concealed weapons / Hood
No license required.

HB-161 / Precious metals / Henne
Charging the true owner.

HB-164 / Sealing / Pelanda
Offense becomes sealable, may apply.

HB-171 / Heroin / Blessing
To decrease the amount to get to an F1?
OPAA: Match cocaine penalties 2/26/15

HB-172 / Criminal records / Barnes
Accuracy, means to remedy incorrect information
OPAA: Oppose 5/21/15

HB-177 / Animal cruelty / Celebreeze
Registration of animal offenders.
OPAA: Oppose 5/21/15

HB-184 / Music therapists /Dovilla
Licensure and regulation by state medical board

HB-185 / Arson / Koehler
Eliminate lack of property owner’s consent as an element of arson.
OPAA: Support 4/22/15

HB-193 / Address confidentiality / Clyde
OPAA: Support

HB-198 / Humane societies / Hambley
Abolish prosecution authority of humane societies.
OPAA: Support

HB-201 / Underage drinking / Dever
Good samaritan law.
OPAA: Support 6/25/15

HB-208 / Importuning / Schaffer
Amend penalties.
OPAA: Opposed 6/25/15 (issue with mandatory penalty)

HB-209 / False alarms / Grossman
Simulating a crime.

HB-210/ Government accounts / Green
OPAA: Oppose 5/21/15

HB-215 / Animal fighting / Sears
Cockfighting, etc.

HB-218 / Drones / Barnes
Regulate use of drones near airports.

HB-222 / Transit worker assaults / Driehaus
OPAA: Oppose

HB-228 / Drones / Cupp
To prohibit the commission of offenses by using a drone.
OPAA: No position 6/25/15

HB-234 / Sex offenses / Johnson, G.
Statute of limitations, spouse rape.
OPAA: Oppose 6/25/15 (Proof? Constitutional, Speedy Trial issues)

HB-235 / CCW licenses / Terhar
Military experience.

HB-240 / Coroner law / Huffman

HB-249 / Drug overdoses / Driehaus
Immunity seeking assistance. See HB-363 and 392, 130th.
OPAA: Oppose 8/20/15

HB-263 / Compensation / Rogers
Increases pay for judges, county officials, local officials.

HB-264 / Dating violence / Barnes
Requires each state institution of higher education to adopt a policy regarding dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, etc.

HB-268 / Human trafficking / Hall
Sealing, expungement, compelling prostitution
OPAA: Oppose as written. No F1, no “offense of violence”. 8/20/15

HB-270 / Overdose deaths / Dever
Involuntary manslaughter for sale, etc., resulting in overdose death.
OPAA: Support with modifications 1. Change cause to cause or contribute to cause, 2. Change a controlled substance to any controlled substance, 3. Delete overdose language, 4. Add conduct of victim not a defense. 8/20/15

HB-278 / Humane Societies / Hambley
BCC to appoint humane agents outside municipal corporation, make county humane societies political subdivisions?
OPAA: Oppose 9/23/15

HB-283 / DNA testing / Fedor
Require DNA tests for certain misdemeanors.
OPAA: Support 10/22/15

HB-289 / Death penalty / Antonio
Repeals the death penalty
OPAA: Oppose 8/20/15

HB-300 / License suspension / Baker
Modify lifetime suspensions and to specify that a suspension begins upon release from prison.
OPAA: Support 9/23/15

HB- 307/ Drivers license suspensions / Pelanda
Make suspensions for drug conviction discretionary.
OPAA: Support. See SB-204.

HB-325 / Drug treatment / Green
Pregnant women.
OPAA: Oppose 9/23/15

HB-333 / Competitive bidding / Schaffer
Force account, increase thresholds

HB-345 / Gross sexual imposition & sexual imposition / Johnson, G.
OPAA: Support 5/21/15

HB-347 / Civil forfeiture / McColley
OPAA: Oppose 9/23/15

HB-353 / SORN / Ruhl
Requires sheriff to notify every member of household of anybody required to register.

HB-359 / Address confidentiality / Duffey

HB-362 / Strangulation / Stinziano
OPAA: Support. 10/22/15

HB-363 / Shackles / Reece
Shackling of juveniles.
OPAA: (HB156 130 Oppose 5/30/13 (leave to courtroom security and judge)

HB-380 / Police shooting investigations / Dever

HB-388 / OVI / Scherer
Authorize court to grant unlimited driving privileges with interlock, modifies OVI penalties.
OPAA: Oppose. Court can do now.

HB-389 / Discrimination / Antonio
On basis of gender, sexual expression (?) Etc.

HB-392 / Domestic violence / Sykes
To authorize protection orders for intimate partners.
OPAA: No position 12/2/15

HB-396 / Imported and restricted species / Hall
Prohibit possession, sale.
OPAA: No position 12/2/15

HB-405 / Importuning / Schaefer
Rewrite of HB-208
OPAA: Opposed HB-208 on mandatory penalty issue.

HB-407 / Body Cams / Boyce
Require written policy for use of cams

HB-408 / Impede access to reproductive health care / Howse
OPAA: Table 1/21/16

HB-410 / Habitual truancy / Rezaback
OPAA: Oppose 2/21/16

HB-417 / Abortion remains / McColley
Disposal of abortion remains. M1 for violation.
OPAA: No position. 2/18/16

HB-427 / Sealing / Antani
Require AG to appoint a third party to receive notifications of sealings.

HB-436 / OVI, driving privileges / Cupp
Permit a judge who is ordering driving privileges on a second OVI to set aside an immobilization order?
OPAA: Support 2/18/16

HB-437 / Investigations / Boyd
Require policy that a police killing be investigated by officers from another department.

HB-439 / Voyeurism / Anielski
Apply to disabled persons as well as minors.
OPAA: Support 2/18/16

HB-446 / OVI offenses / Manning
F3 penalty, etc.
OPAA: Support 2/18/16

HB-447 / Police dogs / Schuring
Killing police dog on duty
OPAA: Oppose, mostly because of F1. 2/18/16

HB-448 / Name change / Cupp
Prohibit criminal from changing name
OPAA: Support 2/18/16

HB-452 / Concealed handguns / Vitale
Permit permit holder to carry in a place of worship
OPAA: Oppose. Maintain church’s discretion to allow carry 2/18/16

HB-460 / Firearms / Vitale
Prohibits state, local official from enforcing federal law re firearms.
OPAA: Oppose. 2/18/16

HB-462 / Police districts / Hagan
Includes amendments re prostitution and drugs.
OPAA: Support 2/18/16

HB-463 / Foreclosure / Dever
OPAA: Support. 3/17/16

HB-478 / Sentencing / Johnson, G.
No contact orders.
OPAA: Support

HB-493 / Abuse reporting / Sears
Health care professionals report only if two incidents?
OPAA: Support 4/13/16

HB-494 / Firearms, protection orders / Antonio
OPAA: No position 4/13/16

HB-518 / Concealed handguns / Vitale
Elected officials
OPAA: Oppose 5/12/16

HB-519 / LSC / Howse
LSC prepare a human impact statement for criminal justice legislation

HB-520 / Retirement Systems / Schuring

HB-521 / Parole eligibility / Manning
OPAA: Oppose. Appears same as SB-272.

HB-523 / Medical marijuana / Huffman
OPAA: No position 5/12/16

HB-526 / Trespass animals / Bishoff
To prohibit killing of a trespassing dog or cat.
OPAA: Oppose 5/12/16

HB-529 / Firearms, physicians / Retherford
OPAA: Support 5/12/16

HB-534 / Condominium law / Grossman

HB-537 / Discrimination / Hayes

HB-547/ Mid-biennium budget review / Smith

HB- 569 / Bias crimes / Antonio
Rename the offense of ethnic intimidation to bias-motivated crime; to expand the scope of the offense to include specified crimes committed based on a person's actual or perceived ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability; to require peace officer training on bias-motivated crime, and to require law enforcement agencies to submit data on bias-motivated crime to the Ohio Department of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and provide for the annual public release of the data
OPAA: Oppose 6/9/16. Like increase in penalty but do not care for “groupism”

HB-574 / Prohibit unsafe tires / Sprague

HB-585 / Body cameras / Antani
Make sure public record language doesn’t include law enforcement work product or evidence.
OPAA: Table. Subcommittee to study. (Fornshell, Gmoser, Dobson, Weade, Lutz.) 8/25/16

HB-587 / Dashboard and body cameras / Boyce
Lot of micro-management.

HB-590 / Firearms / Becker
Licensee carrying in prohibited area.
OPAA: Oppose. 8/25/16

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