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Bills Pending in the 130th Ohio House of Representatives of interest to the Association
Through December 31st, 2014

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HB-4 / Local Government Grants / Stautberg
To establish the Local Government Performance Measurement Grant Program
OPAA: Oppose 2/28/2013

HB-6 / Procedure Audits / Thompson
To create an agreed-upon procedure audit for certain eligible political subdivisions and to eliminate the Auditor of State's exemption from filing a rule summary and fiscal analysis with proposed rules.

HB-7 / Internet Cafes / Huffman
To permit BCI&I to investigate criminal activity related to the Gambling Law, to make changes related to schemes of chance.
OPAA: Support 2/28/2013
Signed by Governor 6/4/13

HB-10 / Fiscal Continuing Education / Hagan
To establish education programs and continuing education requirements for the fiscal officers of townships and municipal corporations, to establish procedures for removing those fiscal officers, count treasurers, and county auditors from office, and to create fiscal accountability requirements for public schools, counties, municipal corporations, and townships.
OPAA: No position except oppose increase in dereliction of duty penalty. 2/28/2013

HB-15 / Electronic Communications / Hill
To exempt under certain circumstances a parent or a person acting in loco parentis from the prohibition of the interception of wire, oral, or electronic communications.
OPAA: Support 2/28/2013

HB-31 / Firearms / Patmon
Storing a firearm in person's residence
OPAA: Oppose 2/8/2013

HB-35 / Transportation budget / McGregor

HB-49 / Adult protection services / Dovilla
Expands persons that can report elder abuse. Charges CJFS to create panel to include Prosecutor.
OPAA: Support 2/28/2013

HB-50 / Custodial interrogations / Heard
OPAA: Oppose 2/28/2013

HB-59 / Budget bill / Amstutz
Signed by Governor 6/30/13

HB-74 / Stalking; telecommunications harassment / Anielski
OPAA: Same bill as we supported in 129th. Further consideration: Remove 2917.21(A)(9) and (10). 3/25/13

HB-79 / Life sustaining treatment / Boose
To provide that an individual's statutory priority to decide whether or not to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatment for the individual's relative is forfeited if the individual is charged with felonious assault or aggravated assault resulting in the relative being in a terminal condition from the physical harm suffered.
OPAA: OK, would like to see broadened to include att ag murder, att murder, and assault 5/23.

HB-83 / Practice of psychology / Hackett

HB-86 / Child abduction / Heard
Court consider preventive measures if risk of abduction during custody or domestic relations proceedings.

HB-87 / Sex offenders / Letson
Notice to long-term care facility when Tier III offender to reside in facility.
OPAA: Support 3/28/2013

HB-90 / Dog kennel mistreatment / Gerberry
OPAA: No position 3/28/2013
Referred to House Agriculture and Nat Resources Committee

HB-92 / Syringe exchange / Antonio
OPAA: No postion 3/28/2013

HB-93 / Oil and gas laws / Hagan, R.
Criminal penalties re oil and gas well operations
OPAA: No Position 4/25/2013

HB-99 / Firearm seizures / Retherford
OPAA: No position. See SB-36.

HB-101 / Sweepstakes parlors / Lundy
Regulation of internet cafes.
OPAA: Oppose 3/28/2013

HB-104 / Civil commitment / Ruhl, M.

HB-108 / Rape crisis centers / Baker
Registered sex offenders pay $100 fee to fund rape crisis centers.
OPAA: Support 5/30/2013

HB-119 / Firearms / Heard
Background checks for casual sales?
OPAA: No position 5/30/2013

HB-122 / Child enticement / Kunze
Modifications to child enticement statute
OPAA: See SB-64.

HB-129 / Stalking / Stautberg
Corporations, associations...
OPAA: No position 5/30/2013

HB-130 / Human trafficking / Fedor
OPAA: Support with concerns regarding the Solicitation as an F-2; GAL testimony; privileges. Motion to approve with exceptions. 4/25/2013

HB-137 / Transfer of firearms / Patmon
OPAA: No position 5/30/2013

HB-145 / Traffic / Henne
Passing bicycle, malfunctioning traffic lights
OPAA: No position 5/30/2013

HB-153 / Medical marijuana / Hagan, R.
OPAA: Oppose 5/30/2013

HB-156 / Delinquent children / Reese
Physical restraints in courtroom
OPAA: Oppose 5/30/2013

HB-162 / Retirement system offenses / Dovilla
To add to the list of disqualifying offenses.

HB-163 / Discriminatory practices / McGregor
Sexual orientation and gender identity.
OPAA: No position 5/30/2013

HB-164 / Precious metal dealers / Henne, M.
Stolen property.
OPAA: Apparently not applicable.

HB-170 / Drug overdoses / Johnson, T.
Criminal provisions
OPAA: No postition 6/20/13

HB-186 / Indigent defense / Boose

HB-191 / Automatic firearm / Becker
OPAA: Opposed 8/22/13

HB-192 / Pawnbroker law / McGregor
OPAA: Tabled 6/20/13

HB-203 / Handgun licenses / Johnson, T.
Reciprocity, training, duty to retreat.
OPAA: Opposed 6/20/13

HB-207 / Drones / Damschroder
Search warrant.
OPAA: Oppose. Should not be any different than manned vehicles. 1/23/14

HB-213 / Child custody / Pelanda
Immunity for foster caregiver?
Signed by Governor 6/17/14

HB-214 / Voting / Clyde
To create the Motor Voter Act Study Committee.

HB-231 / Concealed handguns / Maag
To modify prohibition against carrying a concealed handgun in various currently prohibited places.
OPAA: Oppose as written 8/22/13

HB-234 / Gun silencers / Grossman
To allow a silencer for hunting.
OPAA: No position

HB-236 / Weapons / Becker
Public official with license can carry in any public place not a secure facility.
OPAA: Oppose as written 8/22/13. Appointing authority makes carry decision with office holders permission

HB-241 / Teacher sex with minor / Hagan, C.
OPAA: Support except apply to school employee only if the employee is six or more years older than the student. 9/25/13

HB-243 / Animal Protection Orders / Slaby
OPAA: Oppose. See SB-177.

HB-244 / Death penalty / Becker
Apply death penalty to certain sex offenders with priors.
OPAA: Oppose 8/22/13

HB-251 / Sentencing -/ Barborak
To eliminate special sentencing mechanism that applies to F4s and F5s.
OPAA: Support except must have conviction to be automatic. Delete 184 through 189. 9/25/13

HB-257 / Parental rights / Antonio
Parental rights of a father who is convicted of or alleged to have committed rape or sexual battery.
OPAA: Support except must have conviction to be automatic. Delete 184 through 189.

HB-274 / Companion animals / Patmon
OPAA: Oppose 10/24/13

HB-276 / Medical immunity / Stautberg

HB- 285 / Retirement benefits / Becker
Double dipper will not receive the pension portion of the retirement allowance for the period of employment.
OPAA: Oppose 12/4/13

HB-288 / Veteran concealed weapons / Ruhl
To eliminate the time limit on exception for training for veterans.

HB-297 / Domestic violence /Gonzales

HB-300 / Ethnic intimidation / Antonio
Gender, sexual orientation, etc.
OPAA: Support 12/4/13

HB-321 / Government records / Duffey
Create DataOhio Board, requirements for posting public records online.

HB-323/ Public data / Duffey
Establish online catalog of public data at data.Ohio.gov

HB-324 / Local Government information / Duffey
Local Government Exchange Grant Program.

HB-325 / Charitable bingo / Perales
Charitable video bingo by veteran’s, fraternal, and sporting organizations.
OPAA: Tabled 1/23/14

HB-337 / Local government budgets / Terhar
Bedget standards, permit Auditor of State to impose penalties.

HB-340 / Firearms / Becker
Provide protection from federal provisions related to interstate commerce for firearms.
OPAA: No position 1/23/14

HB-341 / Controlled substances / Smith, R.
Prescription limitation Schedule II opioids.

HB-349 / Violent offenses / Hackett
Spec for permanent disabling harm.
OPAA: Support 1/23/14

HB-354 / Investigations / Butler, J.
Prohibit state or political sub from assisting armed forces in investigation, prosecution of any person lawfully present in U.S.
OPAA: Oppose 12/4/13

HB-355 / Transit assaults / Driehaus
Increase penalty (Sister bill to SB107?)
OPAA: Oppose. See SB-107

HB-359 / Prescription drugs / Sprague
To require disclosure of the addictive nature of certain prescription drugs.

HB-363 / Good Samaritan bill / Sprague
For minor drug offenses. Letter
OPAA: Oppose unless solid evidence that these bills work. 12/4/13

HB-364 / Drones / DeVitis
OPAA: Oppose. Mainly suppression issue. Should let courts decide. Also oppose no weapons on drones. 1/23/14

HB-376 / Religious freedom / Derickson
OPAA: Oppose 1/23/14

HB-383 / Investigative subpoenas / Grossman
OPAA: Oppose as written. 1/23/14

HB-385 / Death penalty / Antonio
Repeal the death penalty.

HB-387 / Concealed carry / Hood
No license required?

HB-392 / Good Samaritan / Stinziano
Immunity for seeking aid - alcohol
OPAA: Oppose unless evidence that these work. 12/4/13

HB-397 / Failure to stop / Hill, B.
Increase penalty for failure to stop after accident.
OPAA: Support. F2 in case of death 12/4/13 Also suppose F2 in case of serious physical harm. 1/23/14

HB-403 / Concealed handguns / Becker
Permit CCL holder to carry in nonsecure public buildings except schools?
OPAA: Oppose 2/27/2014

HB-406 / Motorcycles / Green
Allows certified individuals to function as traffic controllers.

HB-407 / Inmate work program / Butler
OPAA: No position except to oppose time off original sentence. 2/27/2014

HB-420 / Concealed firearms / Becker
Storage in locked vehicle in public, private parking facilities.
OPAA: Support 2/27/2014. Does this apply to prisons or mental health facilities?

HB-429 / Private police / Bishoff
To make records kept by private police departments subject to the public records law.
OPAA: Support 2/27/14

HB-439 / Whistleblowers / Dovilla
To prohibit an appointing authority from taking disciplinary action against employees who report violations or mi9suse of public resources to the Inspector General.
OPAA: No position 2/27/14

HB-454 / Concealed carry / Gonzales
Expand authority to carry in school safety zone.
OPAA: Support 3/20/14

HB- 468 / Salvage vehicles / Sears

HB-469 / OVI penalties / Johnson, T.
Breathalyzer ignition locks for driving privileges first time offender.
OPAA: No Position 3/20/14. Seek amendment re penalty.

HB-471 / Military identity theft / Dovilla
OPAA: Support 3/20/14

HB-472 / MBR Budget / McClain
OPAA: Table re gambling penalties 3/20/14 see HB491

HB-480 / Child seats / Pelanda
Admissibility of evidence
OPAA: Support

HB-482 / Autopsies / Redfern

HB-483 / MBR / Amstutz
Policy changes. 2945.402

HB-490 / Environmental / Hall
OPAA: Support with changes to F1-F5 alignment. F3 for felony, M1 for misdemeanor.

HB-491 / MBR gaming / Buchy
gambling penalties 2915.03 bump M1 to F5
OPAA:Support 4/23/14

HB-495 / Criminal damages / Pillich
Remove cap on comp damages for noneconomic loss in civil actions brought by victim of rape, felonious assault, agg assault, assault, or neg assault

HB- 505 / Sentencing / Cera
Increase penalties for firearm specs.
OPAA: No position. 4/23/14

HB-508 / Ovedose deaths / Butler
Expand offense of murder to encompass selling a person a controlled substance when it results in an overdose death
OPAA: Support 4/23/14

HB-509 / Coroners / Johnson, T.
Sudden infant death and other coroner amendments.
OPAA: Support 6/19/14

HB-515 / Timber harvesting / McGregor
OPAA: Support, except oppose prosecution by AG. 4/23/14

HB-516/ Records sealing / Rogers
Offense unsealable becomes sealable.
OPAA: Support 4/23/14

HB-529 / Drug use / Retherford
Prohibition against knowingly furnishing drugs to a pregnant woman.
OPAA: Support 4/23/14

HB-535 / Sexual Assault Survivor’s Bill of Rights / Antonio
OPAA: Support concept, but covered in current law. Some overboard. Tabled. 5/22/14

HB-541 / Dogs / Winburn
OPAA: Oppose powers of arrest for dog wardens. Otherwise NP. 6/19/14

HB-542 / Investigation expenses / Barborak
Require reimbursement for buy money.
OPAA: Support 5/22/14

HB-543 / Search warrants / Barborak
Execution within 10 days.
OPAA: Support 5/22/14

HB-559 / Precious metal dealers / Pillich
No applicable as introduced.

HB-569 / Animal fighting / Sears
OPAA: Oppose. 6/19/14

HB-590 / Stinziano and Curtin
Confer on a qualified person standing to challenge the constitutionality of a statute.

HB-592 / Towed vehicle titles / Gonzales

HB-594 / Crystalline alcohol / Gerberry
Prohibit sale for human consumption of powdered alcohol.

HB-596 / Putative father registry / Pelanda

HB-612 / Drug Program Funding / Rogers
Funding for local enforcement.

HB-614 / Mens rea / Huffman

HB-623 / Address confidentiality / Clyde
To establish a program for those in danger of threats or harm.

HB-626 / Campus dating violence / Barnes
Requires that universities adopt a policy on dating violence.
OPAA: Support concept. Table. Discuss. 10/23/14

HB-630 / Police shooting reports / Beck, P.
Requires written reports to Div of Criminal Justice Services regarding the death of any person shot by a law enforcement officer.
OPAA: Oppose 10/23/14

HB-632 / Drug treatment / Beck
OPAA: Oppose 10/23/14

HB-637 / Electronic devices / Damschroder
Use in school zones, construction zones, make texting while driving a primary offense.

HB-640 / Controlled substances / Sprague
Authorizes the AG to place substances in Schedule I.

HB-646 / Aggravated Murder / Maag
Change sentence for prior calculation and design murders.

HB-648 / Sentencing / Patmon
Specification for felony offense against a disabled or elderly person.

HB-653 / Chemical dependency counseling / Sprague

HB-654 / Criminal records / Schuring
Limit use of criminal records in hiring of public employees. Also change the age of record sealing to less than 16 (Becker amendment)

HB-661 / Pay bill / Stebelton

HB-663 / Death penalty / Buchy
OPAA: Support 9/24/14

HB-674 / Victim reparations / Budish
To eliminate the period of limitations for a minor to file a victim’s reparations application.

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