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Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Investigators Association


The Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association Investigators Association was created in the early eighties to provide a venue for the county prosecutor investigator to voice their concerns to, and keep the prosecutors association aware of, the investigation activities throughout the state.


OPAIA Secured Area


             2018 Officers


ADAMS 1 No Name Given
ALLEN 1 No Name Given
ASHLAND 2 No Names Given
ATHENS 5 Jay P. Barrett
J. Thomas McKnight
Molly Katusin
Reuben Kittle
Trent Eskey
BUTLER 4 Paul Newton
Steve Isgro
Mike Thacker
Mary Kern
CLARK 1 Steve Southward
CLINTON 1 No Name Given
CUYAHOGA 5 No Names Given
DELAWARE 1 No Name Given
ERIE 1 No Name Given
FAIRFIELD 1 No Names Given
FRANKLIN 1 Michael Scheerer
GREENE 1 Fred E. Meadows
GUERNSEY 1 No Name Given
HAMILTON 7 McKinley Brown
Dave Feldhaus
Greg Ventre
Gred Hicks
Brandon Hopkins
Bryan Pitchford
Margie Priestle
HANCOCK 1 No Name Given
HARDIN 3 Jennifer Scott
David Sparks
Terry Sneary
HARRISON 1 Tom Couts
HURON 1 No Name Given
JEFFERSON 1 John Lelless
LAKE 5 Joseph M. Matteo, Chief
John P. Butler
John F. Malady
Kathleen M. Webster
Edward J. Zigman
LAWRENCE 1 Ermal David Marcum
LICKING 1 Eric McCort
LORAIN 7 Gary Abicht, Chief Inv.
Bud Cunningham
Bob Finch
Terry Folley
Glenn Peterson
Jim Lynsky
Tom Robinson
LUCAS 2 Thomas Ross
Robert Baumgartner
MAHONING 3 No Names Given
MARION 1 Robert Peterson
MEDINA 1 Anthony Rocco
MERCER 1 Kip Wright
MONTGOMERY 3 Kerry Smoot, Chief Investigator
Jessi Simpson
Richard Tyson Dillon
MORGAN 1 No Name Given
MORROW 1 Al Carey
MUSKINGUM 1 Bethany Hayes
OTTAWA 1 Donald St. Clair
PIKE 1 Brian Reader
PORTAGE 6 Timothy Moon
Jerry Harget
Teena McCamey
Martin Gililand
Mike Wisniewski
Joe Beckwith
RICHLAND 2 Alyson Young, Secret Service Officer
Patty Masi, Diversion
ROSS 2 Jenna E. Bearrow
Todd J. Bost
SANDUSKY 1 David Cope
SENECA 1 No Name Given
STARK 1 Donald Scott Beard,Inv./Secret Serv. Officer
SUMMIT 1 No Name Given
TRUMBULL 1 No Name Given
TUSCARAWAS 1 No Name Given
UNION 1 Eric Yoakam
WARREN 3 No Names Given
WILLIAMS 1 Andrew Skiles
WOOD 2 Douglas Kinder
Brynn Burr
WYANDOT 2 No Name Given
96 Total paid members for 2018
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