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Bills Pending in the 130th Ohio Senate of interest to the Association
Through December 31st, 2014

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SB-5 / Call locations / Brown, E.
Service providers provide call location information to law enforcement in certain emergency situations.
OPAA: Support as passed in Senate 10/24/13

SB-6 / Financial continuing education / Schaffer
Education of and removal provisions with respect to fiscal officers. Also HB-10
OPAA: No position except to oppose increase in dereliction of duty penalty. 2/28/2013
Oppose mandator stay. 3/20/14

SB-7 / Mental health / Widener
Court to report to law enforcement for entry into the National Crime Information Center file if court approves conditional release of incompetent or NGRI defendant or if order a person convicted of an offense of violence to receive mental treatment.
OPAA: Support 2/28/2013
Signed by Governor 6/4/14

SB-16 / Trespassing / Schiavoni
Trespass on abandoned land for remediation.
OPAA: No position but keep affirmative defense. 2/28/2013

SB-22 / Meth labs / LaRose
Remediation of real property on which an illegal lab discovered.
OPAA: No position 3/28/2013

SB-36 / Firearms / Jordan
Limitations on seizures of firearms by law enforcement.
OPAA: No position 2/28/2013

SB-43 / Civil commitment / Burke, D.
Civil commitment of mentally ill.
OPAA: No position on introduced bill, but support proposal to require court approval of release of any involuntarily committed person, and to prohibit an involuntarily committed person to change to voluntary status. 2/28/13
Signed by Governor 6/17/14

SB-44 / Sex predators / Bacon
Civil commitment of certain sexually violent predators.
OPAA: Table 3/28/2013

SB-47 / Election laws / Seitz

SB-52 / Property tax complaints / Coley
OPAA: No position 6/20/13

SB-63 / Computer theft /Hughes
OPAA: Covered by 2913.04, but penalties need updated to conform to HB-86 changes for theft offenses. Also include any telecomm device or part thereof under special property in 2913.71. Also elevate penalaties in 2913.71 for elderly victims. 3/28/13 Note: Sponsor agreed with OPAA suggestions and with those fixes the committee withdrew their oppostion. 4/25/13

SB-64 / Child enticement / Beagle
OPAA: Prefer wait until after Supreme Court rules in State v. Romage. Also use “illicit” instead of “illegal”. 2/28/13

SB-77 / Vehicle operations / Hughes
Increase penalties for driving on wrong side of freeway.
OPAA: Oppose. Current penalties sufficient. 3/28/2013

SB-83 / Statute of limitations / Turner
No statute of limitations for rape or sexual battery.
OPAA: Support only in cases where we have DNA evidence. 3/28/13

SB-93 / Open meetings / Jones, S.
OPAA: Oppose 5/30/2013

SB-97 / Traffic violations / Hughes
To allow emergency personnel to report traffic violations.
OPAA: No postition 5/30/2013

SB-106 / Vehicle operations /- Schaffer
Driving into flooded area
OPAA: No postition 5/30/2013

SB-107 / Transit worker assault / Patton
Increase penalty for assault on transit worker.
OPAA: Oppose 5/30/2013

SB-109 / Election administration / Obhof
OPAA: No position 5/30/2013

SB-115 / Sweepstakes cafes / Faber
To extend the moratorium on new establishments

SB-121 / Armed career criminal act / Hughes
OPAA: Support 5/30/2013
OPAA: Support but use agg murder, murder, F1 and F2 of violence and attempts as offenses for basis of the offense 10/24/13

SB-133 / Hearing notices / Kearney
Notice to PA by certified mail for pardon, commutation, or parole hearing.
OPAA: Oppose 5/30/2013

SB-139 / Indigent defense / Uecker

SB-141 / Gaming penalties / Obhof
OPAA: Support 6/20/13

SB-142 / Local government / Seitz
To establish a new default formula for the Local Gov Fund.
OPAA: No Position 8/22/13

SB-143 / Criminal law / Seitz
Miscellaneous changes re juvenile and criminal law.
OPAA: Support 8/22/13

SB-144 / SORN / Seitz
Changes re Bodyke, other case law.
OPAA: Support 8/22/13

SB-146 / Voting / Turner
To create the Motor Voter Act Study Committee.

SB-147 / Assault on corrections officers / Schaffer
OPAA: Speak with DRC re: questions. 10/24/13

SB-171 / Parental rights / Turner
Termination of parental rights of person guilty of rape, sexual battery, unlawful sexual conduct with a minor with respect to child conceived as a result of the offense.
OPAA: Support except must have conviction to be automatic. 9/25/13. See HB-257.

SB-172 / Land Use / Patton
Re land reutilization programs and property tax foreclosures.
OPAA: Support 10/24/13

SB-177 / Companion animals / Skindell
Include in protection orders.
OPAA: Oppose 8/22/13

SB-183 / Death penalty / Tavares
To permit defendant to use statistics to prove racism.
OPAA: Oppose 9/25/13

SB- 207 / Parental rights / Patton, T.
Same as HB-257? SB-171?
OPAA: Support, except court or magistrate advise on first appearance and unmarried female can’t be parent or guardian???

SB-213 / Charitable auctions / Gardner
Quarter auctions
OPAA: Support. See HB- 129 GA.

SB-235 / Vehicle operation / Cafaro
Increase penalty operation of commercial vehicle wrong side of interstate highway.
OPAA: Oppose 1/23/14

SB-261 / Protection orders / Bacon
“Issued” if served on respondent or respondent has actual notice.
OPAA: Support 9/25/13

SB-274 / Towing /Hughes
OPAA: Support 3/20/14

SB-292 / Attorney General /Bacon
Duties of the attorney general. As introduced version not applicable.

SB-293 / Death penalty / Brown
Abolish the death penalty.

SB-295 / Subpoenas / Hughes
Investigative subpoenas
OPAA: Support see HB-383

SB-297 / Abortion / Jordan

SB-298 / Sale of delinquent land tax certificates / Smith

SB-302 / Child car seat / Schiavoni
Primary offense, use of evidence.

SB-307 / Ethnic intimidation / Kearney
To add disability of the victim as a basis.

SB-313 / Drug overdose / Kearney

SB-316 / Sex offenses / Cafaro
Sex offense kits.
OPAA: Clean up re time lines. Also some boiler plate. 4/23/14

SB-318 / Crime victims / Tavares
Reparations for psychiatric care and extend time for a minor to file a claim for reparations.

SB-319 / Firearm storage / Tavares
Same as HB-317?
OPAA: Oppose

SB-324 / Statute of limitations / Jones
Extend for rape and sex battery if DNA evidence
OPAA: Support

SB- 338 / Firearm provisions / Uecker
Weapon Under Disability?
OPAA: No position except oppose 2923.13 amendment. 5/22/14

SB-342 / Photo monitoring / Seitz
Est condition for the use of traffic cameras.

SB-346 / Pedestrian, school zone, crosswalk / Beagle

SB-358 / Public indecency / Shaffer

SB-361 / Mens rea / Seitz
OPAA: Support. 9/24/14 Support Murphy’s amendment, oppose model penal code 10/23/14

SB-366 / Address confidentiality program / Turner
OPAA: Support 10/23/14

SB-367 / Intellectual disabilities / Kearney
Replace term “mental retardation” with “intellectual disability”.

SB-372 / Controlled substances / Eklund
Authorizes AG to place certain substances on Schedule I.
OPAA: Support 10/23/14

SB-382 / Child support / Jones, S.
(No reference to Chapter 29.)

SB-384 / Aggravated menacing / Hughes
Increase penalty when victim is a law enforcement officer.

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